Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Coin & Flag Series

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2012 Coin & Flag Series

On 3 February 2012, the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) continued its Coin and Flag series by releasing 24 new stamps in the denominations of 45 cents, F.s. 0,85 and € 0,70. This is the sixth year of the stamp series representing the coins and flags of Member States of the United Nations (there was no series in 2009). The series is expected to run for approximately eight years until stamps representing all 193 Member States are issued.

The United Nations Member States represented on the 2012 Coin and Flag stamp sheets are as follows:

New York 45-Cent Sheet

Member State: Nepal
Date of UN entry: 14 December 1955
Currency: Nepalese rupee
Coin represented: 1 rupee

Member State: Peru
Date of UN entry: 31 October 1945
Currency: Nuevo sol
Coin represented: 1 nuevo sol

Member State: Bahrain
Date of UN entry: 21 September 1971
Currency: Bahraini dinar
Coin represented: 100 fils

Member State: Solomon Islands
Date of UN entry: 19 September 1978
Currency: Solomon Islands dollar
Coin represented: 20 cents

Member State: Paraguay
Date of UN entry: 24 October 1945
Currency: GuaranĂ­
Coin represented: 1000 guaranĂ­es

Member State: Dominican Republic
Date of UN entry: 24 October 1945
Currency: Dominican peso
Coin represented: 1 peso

Member State: Ethiopia
Date of UN entry: 13 November 1945
Currency: Birr
Coin represented: 25 cents

Member State: Canada
Date of UN entry: 9 November 1945
Currency: Canadian dollar
Coin represented: 1 dollar

Geneva F.S. 0,85 Sheet

Member State: Saudi Arabia
Date of UN entry: 24 October 1945
Currency: Saudi riyal
Coin represented: 100 Halala

Member State: Serbia
Date of UN entry: 5 June 2006
Currency: Dinar
Coin represented: 5 dinar

Member State: Georgia
Date of UN entry: 31 July 1992
Currency: Lari
Coin represented: 2 lari

Member State: Djibouti
Date of UN entry: 20 September 1977
Currency: Franc Djibouti
Coin represented: 20 francs

Member State: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Date of UN entry: 17 September 1991
Currency: Korean won
Coin represented: 50 won

Member State: Belize
Date of UN entry: 25 September 1981
Currency: Belize dollar
Coin represented: 1 dollar

Member State: Lesotho
Date of UN entry: 17 October 1966
Currency: Loti
Coin represented: 50 lisente

Member State: Liechtenstein
Date of UN entry: 18 September 1990
Currency: Swiss franc
Coin represented: 20 centimes

Vienna € 0,70 Sheet

Member State: Cameroon
Date of UN entry: 20 September 1960
Currency: CFA franc
Coin represented: 100 francs

Member State: Bulgaria
Date of UN entry: 14 December 1955
Currency: Lev
Coin represented: 50 stotinka

Member State: Samoa
Date of UN entry: 15 December 1976
Currency: Tala
Coin represented: 2 tala

Member State: United Republic of Tanzania
Date of UN entry: 14 December 1961
Currency: Shilling Tanzanien
Coin represented: 100 shillings

Member State: Suriname
Date of UN entry: 4 December 1975
Currency: Suraname dollar
Coin represented: 5 cents

Member State: Finland
Date of UN entry: 14 December 1955
Currency: Euro
Coin represented: 1 euro

Member State: The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Date of UN entry: 8 April 1993
Currency: Macedonian denar
Coin represented: 50 denars

Member State: Cuba
Date of UN entry: 24 October 1945
Currency: Cuban peso
Coin represented: 1 peso

First Day Covers

UNPA has designed a first day cover design for the Coin and Flag series, which remains the same throughout the series. The cover is a European standard-size cover measuring 115 mm x 163 mm.

Singles: A single first day cover will consist of a pane (half sheetsplit vertically) of four stamps each; thus, there will be two first day covers from each office.

Jumbo: The jumbo first day cover for the series will consist of one full sheet from each office, New York, Geneva and Vienna, affixed to the cover and cancelled appropriately from each office.

Special First Day Cover Cancellations

On 3 Feburary 2012, special first day hand-cancellations for the 2012 Coin and Flag series were made available at United Nations Headquarters in New York; the Palaisdes Nations, Geneva; and the Vienna International Centre, as illustrated in the scanned FDCs' above.

Stamp Specifications

The stamps, in denominations of 45 cents, F.s. 0,85 and€ 0,70, measure 30 mm horizontally by 40 mm vertically, perforation to perforation. Perforation: 13.33.The stamps on the sheet are pin perforated. There is a unique vertical roulette perforation that divides the sheet into two panes of four stamps each. An ultraviolet luminescent security feature is incorporated on the stamps.

The vertical sheets of eight stamps have eight marginal inscriptions, two in the left margin, two in the rightmargin and four in the centre. The marginal inscription consists of the United Nations emblem with the text “United” above the emblem and “Nations” below the emblem. Miniature versions of the flags on each sheet are also reproduced in the margin of the sheets. Progressive values are incorporated in the top and bottom margins of all three values of the stamp sheets. One copyright symbol appears in the lower left margin.

The Format

The three sheets, consisting of two panes of four stamps, each accommodate eight different coins and flags. There is a vertical roulette perforation to divide thesheet into two panes of four stamps each.


The concept for the United Nations Coin and Flag series was developed by Jenny Karia (United Nations).

The Designer

The designer of the 2012 Coin and Flag series is Rorie Katz (United Nations).


The stamps were printed in offset by Cartor SecurityPrinting (France).


45 cents
F.s. 0,85
€ 0,70