Friday, June 28, 2013

150 Years of the Kuka Movement (1857-2007) Commemorative Coin

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The India Government Mint issued this commemorative coin set and opened bookings for the same for a period of two months in April, 2013.

The Namdhari sect, whose followers are distinctly identified by their white attire and a typical turban, had a major role in the Indian freedom struggle, where their contribution is referred to as the Kuka movement. The second leader of the sect, Satguru Ram Singh was exiled to Burma by the British colonial government in 1872 for leading the Kuka movement, which had succeeded in enforcing civil disobedience as well as carrying out extreme actions against cow slaughter. A memorial now stands at the site where 66 Kuka freedom fighters, were killed at Malerkotla in 1872.