Thursday, June 30, 2016

JetBlue Bags VIP Review

I had to relocate cross-country with 7 check-in bags and was wondering how would I manage lugging the luggage around when I came across the JetBlue Bags VIP service. I searched around looking for reviews but the reviews are hard to come by so I thought I would post my  JetBlue Bags VIP review since I have now used it.

To begin, I think the value for money for multiple bags is great. You pay $29 for one bag (not worth it), $39 for two bags (a bit pricey but I would still use it for my parents, but not for me) and just $49 for 3-10 bags (so worth it).

As part of the purchase, you are required to give the description of your bags which was easy and my purchase was done. When we went to the JetBlue check-in counter at Boston, and Boston is the hub for JetBlue, I was required to "identify myself as a Bags VIP customer at the JetBlue ticket counter" so they can tag my bag with the Bags VIP tag. When I did that, the agent asked me if I was a Mosaic member? (JetBlue's elite frequent flyer status) I said no, and mentioned she needs to put the Bags VIP tag. She didn't know what that was and mentioned they don't have such a service. She was very professional, courteous, and polite throughout. I pushed back, so she went and asked a supervisor who knew what it was. She came and confirmed with me if it is Bags VIP and whether I have paid online (as it does not show in their system whether I have paid or not, or signed up for the service). She didn't know where the tags were so she went and asked a supervisor colleague. He knew where the tags were, found them and handed them over to the other supervisor.

After that, there was a small congregation around my bags. The JetBlue staff was curious as to this service, they were discussing among themselves, "Just say bye-bye to the bags? So cool!" and "Have you ever seen this? Wow, never had a passenger user this." I was asked questions about the service, how to opt for it etc.

Bags went through. After landing, it was an awesome feeling to take an Uber to my place without worrying about the bags. Bags VIP kept me updated via email when my bags were picked up from the carousel, when the van started from the airport, and when they were delivered. I got them in 4 hours after pick up from the luggage carousel (around 5 hours overall). My place was around 15 miles from the airport. The delivery agent was very polite and professional. No problems there. They also have a 24x7 helpline which was very responsive when I called initially.

Overall, I think its a fantastic service and I think JetBlue should do a lot more to promote it. The fact that the agents at the hub are unaware of the service is not a good sign on its sparse usage. Stronger marketing by JetBlue should help make the service more popular and deservedly so. This is a great value-add service well worth the money.

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